A Boulder native, Tegan Ryan grew up bopping around the mountains near Nederland. As a little girl, hosting spa slumber parties was an almost weekly gig. Her friends, who inadvertently grew up as her product test-subjects, are no stranger to her homemade avocado masks and coconut-oil body scrubs. Though she didn’t realize it at the time, this passion for helping her friends feel good about their skin would drive Tegan to become the confident and compassionate esthetician that she is today.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Sciences in Human Development and Family Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Colorado Sate University, Tegan moved back to Boulder and became a preschool teacher. Though she loved working with children, she still knew something was missing. After some serious thought, Tegan decided it was time to focus on pursuing her true passions. Though she had studied in New Zealand for a semester, she had never actually lived outside of Colorado. Having grown up in a little country house, she wanted to see what the other side of the spectrum felt like, so she packed up and moved to the beautifully strange, fast-paced city of Portland.

Portland, Oregon was such an amazing season of Tegan’s life. It was the place in which she truly seemed to find herself. In 2015, she enrolled in Portland’s Aesthetics Institute and earned her Masters in Aesthetics. During her time in school, Tegan developed her skills in waxing, tinting and European Facials. She also discovered her interest in the medical side of the industry and became certified in Laser and Medical Aesthetics.

Now she is excited to join the West End Salon family, offering a wide array of waxing and facial services.