The Talent

We promise you will not only feel comfortable in our salon, you will also be pleased with one of our highly trained stylists best suited for you. We recognize the importance in finding a stylist who not only understands your hair, but can listen to your desires, make honest and appropriate suggestions, as well as establish a connection with you on a personal basis. If you are still unsure as to whom to see after reading our stylist’s bios, please contact us and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you. We also offer free consultations. Please click on the “Reviews” tab to see what our customers are saying!

West End Salon’s Talent



 ALEX/Stylist    JANINA/Stylist 
   JOSHUA/Stylist STEPHANIE/Stylist
 ANGELA/Stylist/Esthetician LUCILLE/Stylist



AMY/Stylist   RICH and NORMA/Salon Owner