Shannon Slopey is no stranger to the world of fashion and how design and style can be expressed differently around the world. Shannon was born in Vermont and lived in Florida and Boulder before attending high school in Vienna, Austria and then Fashion Design School in London, England. Ever since Shannon was young, she knew she wanted to do something in the beauty industry. As a child, she was always playing with hair and exploring new trends. In London, she focused on photo shoots, fashion design and jewelry design. It was here that she was first introduced to the salon environment and how hair connected to design by transforming a whole look into a cohesive style.

“One of my best friends owned a salon,” says Shannon. “I like the environment of a salon. I like the social aspect and making people feel better about themselves. Whether it is helping them find the right product or talking to them about their lives, I like contributing to making their day better.”

After school, Shannon returned back to the states where, after living in Utah, Vail and Maryland, the nature, outdoor activities and family brought Shannon back to her roots in Boulder for good. Back in Boulder, Shannon knew she wanted to be in the salon environment and she was offered a management position at a salon in Boulder. Attending Cosmetology School was something Shannon and her mom had discussed and this management opportunity allowed Shannon to  learn all aspects of the salon industry, including how to run a business, customer service and how to contribute to a positive experience for clientele.

After her mom passed away in April 2015, Shannon decided to attend the Arts and Education Hair Academy .It had been a goal that Shannon and her mom had discussed together and, now that she wasn’t taking care of her mom anymore, Shannon felt it was time to pursue that goal.

Now the newest addition to the West End Salon team, Shannon will apprentice two of West End’s top stylists.

“West End Salon is very welcoming,” says Shannon. “It takes care of it’s customers as well as it’s staff by providing great education. I love the team environment of the salon and that I get to learn from the most successful stylists at the salon. I hope to learn everything I can and become the best stylist that I can be.”

When Shannon gets on the floor as a full time stylist and builds her clientele, she hopes that her clients will find Shannon as someone they can talk to about style and work with to match their look to their lifestyle. Shannon also hopes that each of customers leaves feeling listened to and comfortable asking for any styling or product tip they need to achieve the result they are looking for.