Lucille has been a hairstylist at heart since early childhood. She has been doing hair professionally for over 7 yrs. Attending Aveda Institute, followed with continued education at Ficocello’s Advanced Training in St. Paul MN. Throughout her education she has learned to personalize every head of hair she works with looking at skin tone to decide what color to use. Noticing bone structure to find the most flattering cut,  she believes that hair should grow out gracefully. Concentrating on natural looks so even the grown out look is complimentary. She specializes in a full transformation, offering all services from cuts and color to extensions and updo’s. She can recreate any look or help you find the best version of you. West End Salon welcomes Lucille!

Lucy’s current challenge is in marketing her LUCIRing to stylists across the nation. Learn more about Lucy’s fashionable solution to protect against shear cuts at

Learn more about how Lucy got into styling here