After her car broke down 23 years ago when passing through Boulder, Lia Tomlinson fell in love with Boulder’s beautiful weather and mountains. Originally from Boston, Lia knew that this town filled with adventures and interesting people was where she wanted to call home. So, in an effort to build a life in the Boulder community, she began bartending in and around the Boulder area. Here, she became in touch with Boulder’s culture and built relationships with its wide array of people. Her personable demeanor and goal to make another person’s day better, soon led Lia to the Aveda Institute in Denver, where she began her career as a hair stylist.
“I was inspired to be a hair stylist because I love the feeling of transforming another person’s day,” says Lia. “They may walk into the salon feeling so so about themselves, but they leave feeling fresh and pretty. They leave with a new bounce in their step.”

Lia not only focuses efforts on advancing her skill, but also on growing relationships with her clients. Whether it’s a big bouncy blowout, a specialty color such as an ombre or working with curly hair,  Lia strives to  listen to her clients needs and uses that information to make them feel amazing and confident. She also loves to educate her clients on hair care and styling.

Now a member of the West End Salon family, Lia is excited to grow with her clients and expand her education to keep up with the newest trends.”I have always wanted to work at the West End Salon,” says Lia. “Even from just walking by, it has a comfortable vibe; a family nature. The location is great and I get to work with super talented staff. I also love how much education West End Salon has. I like giving back to a salon with an apprenticeship program and working in an energy centered around learning.”
So, whether you are looking to sit and relax or find a talented stylist that you can also call your friend, come explore, grow and connect with Lia at West End Salon.