Deva Curl Cut

DEVA Curl Cut: $65 to $110 depending on the stylist

“Embrace your curls and start living the curly lifestyle!”

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Do you have curly hair? Are you tired of stylists incorrectly cutting your curls, making them unmanageable and frizzy? Do you have the unfortunate “triangle” cut that falls flat on top and expands through the ends? Let West End Salon help your curly woes.

DEVA Curl is a revolutionary system to cut curly hair by working with your curls, not against them. The cut is unique in that it does not disturb the curl families in the hair which can trigger frizz and/or limp curls. DEVA Curl is not only a specific method on how to correctly cut curly hair, it is also a complete product line proven to produce beautiful, sexy curls.

Check out DEVA Curl at and call the West End Salon to book an appointment with a DEVA Curl-certified stylists or to learn more about the DEVA Curl product line we carry.

Time: A DEVA Curl cut takes an hour and a half.  Your hair is cut dry, washed, and styled “The DEVA Way” – we promise you your curly tresses will thank you! When calling to book, please specify you would like the DEVA Curl Cut.

DEVA Curl-Certified Stylists: Tracie, AlexAmyJanina, Joshua Lucy, Stephanie,