Technology is flourishing and we are always finding new ways to take advantage of it through our daily activities. Have you ever heard of home automation? Increasingly popular, these systems are, to put it simply, synonymous with a connected home!

A system of this type allows you to control the alarm, lighting, and heating system remotely, from your cell phone or tablet. Having a smart home has several huge benefits.

Many other functions are also available, among other things for the layout of your backyard! We, therefore, present 3 elements to consider for the exterior layout of your connected home.

The automatic lighting system

During the hot season, it is quite normal to want to take full advantage of your yard. With the help of a landscape architect, plan the addition of lights allowing you both to enjoy your yard in the evening, but also to enhance the atmosphere of your landscaping.

Indeed, it is possible to plan a layout that takes into account the lighting of your yard and that will enhance it. Thanks to the play of light, you can create all kinds of atmospheres for your summer evenings. Certain areas of your layout can also benefit from better lighting.

During your meeting with your landscape architect, you should discuss the key elements of your decor. This can therefore provide special lighting in a garden, a body of water, or around any furniture in your yard.

Installing smart lights could give you the ability to control the intensity of the lights (using a dimmer), the color of the beams, and even the time of activation of the lighting system. With all its options, you will be able to create distinct spaces in your yard with different atmospheres.

In addition to providing automation for your lighting, you can control everything from a smartphone or tablet.

The outdoor sound system, an essential for your connected home

Why not install speakers to listen to music around the pool or while having a barbecue? However, not only do you have to think about choosing speakers that are resistant to water, UV rays, and weather, but also think about sound propagation.

Being outside, there are very few or no surfaces on which the vibrations are retained, so you will have to think carefully about their location. There are speakers designed specifically for the outdoors, which are waterproof and offer a two-way sound field, thus ensuring the best quality sound delivery for your backyard.

You can enjoy this addition all summer long while listening to your favorite tunes. The sound system will also make it easy to set the mood during your events. Like the lighting, you can control everything from a phone or tablet with just a few clicks.

A smart swimming pool: increased safety

Another element that can be optimized with home automation is your swimming pool. This type of installation makes it possible to secure this area where oversight can be fatal. Indeed, many anti-drowning devices are available. This feature helps keep your children and pets safe. You can opt for infrared systems that will trigger alarms, motion detectors, or even anti-drowning nets.

In addition, a smart pool system also allows simple and automated management of heating, lighting, and water quality directly from your mobile device or tablet. Pool maintenance can be an irritant for many homeowners. This intelligent system can therefore simplify your life and allow you to enjoy your layout.

Once you have found your ideas for inspiration, it is important to think about this element when planning the layout of your backyard. You will save a lot of time and above all make it safer. Several options are possible for the automation of your swimming pool. Your landscaper can guide you in these choices.

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