Spending the first part of her life as a paralegal and criminal investigator, Amy realized that working with others in a more creative environment was her true passion. As a little girl, Amy’s favorite activity was to get her hair done. Embracing change and pursuing her dream to become a hairstylist, Amy received her hair-styling license in 2003 and set out to start her new career.

At West End Salon, Amy has not only contributed her styling skills, but her unique view on making her customers feel comfortable and listened to. Spending the first part of her life as a client herself, Amy sympathizes with what it is like to be the person in the chair and has made it her top priority to listen to whoever is sitting in her chair. Amy travels to hair shows to bring back new trends and learn new techniques to share with her clients. She has mastered advanced coloring techniques such as Balayage Highlights, Ombre and is certified in Deva Curl Cut and Babe Extensions.

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