Have you ever considered building your new home without first making a plan? If you answered no to this question, we agree! You also shouldn’t go into your landscaping without having a plan in place. 

Assessing the different characteristics of your land

Your very large lot is located on the edge of the water, and you decide to build your house in a specific location, without really visualizing what your landscaping will look like. Now imagine that after construction is complete, you realize that the vegetation you ultimately want to plant will not have access to sufficient light. Worse still: you realize that your house, too close to the banks, does not allow you to create the layout of your choice, under the penalty of distorting it. Or, the regulations in force in your area do not allow you to build the development you want.

These are just examples of situations that can be avoided by calling in an expert. Amateur landscapers may forget to consider some important features of the chosen terrain. The landscape architect is the expert who will help you create the optimal layout according to your needs.

In addition, he can advise you on the construction plans to optimize access to your development. A few minor adaptations can make all the difference in the final result. The landscaper will inform you about the brightness of your yard and the amount of sun depending on the orientation of the land. It will even enlighten you on the suitability of indoor and outdoor spaces. The purpose of this consultation is to ensure that your construction plans will allow you to achieve exactly the result you want for your layouts.

The design of a development plan

The design of landscaping plans is one of the services offered by landscape architects. The purpose of this plan is to properly plan your outdoor spaces. This preview will allow you to better visualize how the space will be divided, the proposed layouts, and the different phases of the project. To set up this projection, the architect will take into account the actual dimensions of your land, your needs, your tastes, and your budget. 

This step is used to ensure that the final product meets your expectations. It also allows you to be aware of the progress of the work and to better understand the projected costs of your project.

Tailor-made advice

The landscape architect you hire to carry out this work will offer you personalized advice, taking into account your starting point and the result you want to obtain. Don’t forget to check their qualifications. There are several certifications to ensure you are doing business with an experienced professional. However, there is no mandatory course or competency card in the landscape trade. You can ask your candidates about the training they have taken (there are DEP and DEC in the field) or about their previous experience.

Consulting a landscaper will help you better understand the particular situation of your property. Among other things, if you have uneven terrain or are on the edge of a body of water, the expert can warn you of the precautions to take to obtain a layout to your liking.

Support at all stages of the process

The landscape architect will follow you throughout the development process. He will be present from the first drafts of the plan to the coordination of the various contractors, to the finishing and maintenance of your yard. He will be able to ensure that all the work is carried out according to the pre-established deadlines and that the result is of high quality.

Be sure to discuss with the landscape architect before hiring to agree on the services rendered. Indeed, some architects work simply as consultants. We recommend opting for full support from an expert. He will take care of the coordination, advise you and solve any problems that may arise during the work. If for any reason, you are needing help with the exterior of your home, then contact our friends at Foothills Painting Boulder CO for all of your painting needs. In this way, you ensure the efficiency of your project with an expert. The latter will know how to anticipate the next steps and above all call on the right people.

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