Meet Hannah: Creatively Delivering Smiles

Hannah Kiefer is not only a personable hair stylist who loves to share creativity with her clients, but she brings high-end fashion hair styling to Boulder, CO. Fascinated by the pristine mountains, this East Coast girl moved to Boulder, bringing experience working in Fashion Week and with celebrity stylists to our wonderful town by the Flatirons. Constantly looking to continue education and work with trends, Hannah has found a home at the West End Salon.


Hannah grew up in upstate New York where her three aunts owned a hair salon. Though never pushed by her aunts to go into styling, Hannah was always fascinated by hair.

“It wasn’t necessarily that my aunts were stylists that made me get into styling,” says Hannah. “When I was little, I not only loved doing things like braiding my little cousin’s hair, I was really good at it.”

Pursuing her passion in hair, Hannah attended beauty school while attending high school. From there, she worked in upstate New York for a couple of years, while traveling back and forth to the city to attend events.

Making the round trip from the Big City provided Hannah with exposure and opportunities. Not only did she have a job styling hair at a salon, but she also gained experience in high-end events.

Experience working with top stylists

Well known in the fashion world, Rachel Roy is active in creating fashion lines and being a hairstylist for magazines and music videos. After Hannah was published in Modern Salon Magazine, she started working with Roy. Once published in the renowned magazine for new trends in hairstyling, Hannah continued to see doors opened to her.

“I got to do hair backstage for shows during Fashion Week in New York City,” says Hannah. “We got to create the crazy, advent-garde pieces that really let our creativity shine.”

Not only did Hannah get to work with Rachel Roy, but being published in Modern Salon also created the opportunity to work with celebrity stylist, Ted Gibson.

“Ted taught me the ability to mass produce hair,” says Hannah. ” When you’re working for fashion shows, you have to know how to bust out 30 models in an hour and a half.”

Deciding to move west

Though Hannah thrived in the fast paced lifestyle of large-scale hair events, this East Coast girl decided that it was time to go west.

“My family has always lived in the East,” says Hannah. “I never really planned on where I wanted to end up, I just knew I loved the mountains and that I wanted to be somewhere that was a little less quick, that allowed me to live my life and let me continue doing what I love; which is hair.”

So, in 2011, Hannah left New York and ventured to the beautiful mountains of Boulder, where she would begin a new chapter in her life.

Soon after moving to Boulder, Hannah decided to take even more control in her life by being able to work for herself.

“The West End Salon gave me the opportunity to fly the coupe,” says Hannah. “It gave me the opportunity to be flexible and be my own boss.”

The downtown Boulder location and positive atmosphere of the West End Salon was also attractive to Hannah.

“I love the energy of downtown,” says Hannah. “I get to work with trendy girls, fun products and work with and learn from other great stylists. I am excited to take every education opportunity and expand my knowledge in everything.”

Her inspiration

What began as just a job for Hannah, has become a passion that allows her to be creative and share that creativity with others.

“Working with my hands inspires me,” says Hannah. “It gives me huge satisfaction when people leave my chair happy.”

In addition to the creative inspiration of styling, her clients continually inspire Hannah.

“I’ve learned everything I know from my clients,” says Hannah. “Whether it’s a lawyer, dentist or mother in my chair, I am learning life skills. They have taught me about life, business and how important it is to do what’s best for yourself. And this is where I am happy. If I wasn’t a stylist, I think I would be a florist. It’s just like doing hair: you are creating something beautiful and you never have to deliver bad news to anyone. Everyday, you have the opportunity to share your creativity and bring smiles to people’s faces.”


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