Meet Lucy: Giving Others the Chance to Feel Understood and Seen

Growing up, Lucille Pew knew that her calling was to help people. What she discovered later was how rewarding it is to help people in seemingly simple ways.

Starting her career with her sights set on becoming a nurse, Lucille, nicknamed Lucy, started working as a rehab aid after graduation. While this job was rewarding, Lucy was saddened by the illness that surrounded her everyday.

“I was surrounded by hard situations,” says Lucy. “Families and clients would be crying. It made me sad to see.”

One day, after three years of working as an aid, Lucy was helping a woman who was recovering from a major surgery.

“I was helping this particular patient get ready to go to Physical Therapy,” says Lucy. “Though it wasn’t a part of my job, I did her hair, put on her lipstick and did her makeup. Usually when someone who is recovering from a major surgery progresses with 3 steps every few days, it’s a big deal. On this particular day, this woman progressed 10 steps. It was unbelievable.  She was distracted by everyone saying how beautiful she looked as she walked down the hall. She felt good about herself. She felt confident.”

After helping that patient, Lucy knew that she could still help people without watching them suffer through pain.

So, at the age of 21, Lucy, quit her job as a rehab aid, moved back in with her parents and paid her way through the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis, MN. After graduating, Lucy got a job at Ficocello’s Advanced Training Center. Here, she learned how to specialize in haircuts and color by customizing hair for each individual based on bone structure, skin color and personal style. After six years at Ficocello’s, Lucy took on a new challenge of owning her own business and becoming a booth renter. Constantly embracing new challenges, Lucy brought her business to Boulder, CO.

“I was on the kick of scaring myself,” says Lucy. “I felt like Boulder gave me the opportunity to inspire myself with a challenge. It was filled with entrepreneurs, artists, innovators and people who knew how to take care of themselves.”

Lucy not only moved her career as a hair stylist to Boulder, but she took on the challenge of becoming an educator for Nioxin Hair Care.

“I was inspired to be an educator for Nioxin based on my time at the hospital,” says Lucy. “I saw so many clients that were sick and that had cancer. I have always been sensitive to how it feels to be sick and how terrible it feels to lose your hair. Nioxin is a skincare line first that helps to thicken and straighten hair. It’s a solution to a sensitive very common concern. It is a solution and being able to share that solution is a god send to making people feel better.”

Not only did working at the hospital inspire Lucy to educate for Nioxin, but it gave her a different perspective on her work as a stylist.

“That job at the hospital taught me to listen to people, to connect with them in a different way,” says Lucy. “I have carried that through my entire career. I feel I have more to offer than just hair.”

And everyday, Lucy says that she learns from her clients.

“They teach me that we are all the same, we all just want to be seen and understood,” says Lucy. “Everyday someone will sit in my chair and they will say something that reminds me of myself. It reminds me that I am not alone and that I’m not the only one feeling the way I feel. It’s comforting and rewarding.”

With this mutual understanding, Lucy has found a home at the West End Salon. Not only did she feel it was a beautiful salon in a great downtown location, but, for Lucy, the background story of the West End Salon hit a personal note.

In 2006, owner of West End Salon, Deandra Trevino, began her goals of making West End Salon a well-known and respected salon in Boulder. In 2010, Deandra and the West End team moved to their new prominent location on Walnut Street, where they worked tirelessly to finish the salon. Sadly, after fighting a three-year battle with ovarian cancer, Deandra passed away. To keep her vision and legacy alive, her parents took over the salon and her team of stylists strived to carry on the West End Salon’s name.

Lucy, herself had gone through getting two lumps removed from her breast. Deandra’s story inspired her. She also believed in the new owners, Rich and Norma’s vision for the salon and their business ethic.

“I interviewed at about 4 salons before I met Rich and Norma,” says Lucy. “They felt comforting and their story inspired me. I also felt that the West End Salon was a place that allows you to create a name for yourself. You can network and market yourself in a way that is good for you and helps you become your own stylist.”

For Lucy, the West End Salon feels like a family.

“This group at the West End Salon feels grounded, it has a family vibe,” says Lucy. “That is not easy to come by in other salons. There’s a lot of catty competition I have seen. But, at the West End Salon, we focus on supporting each other. We have passion for what we do and we are constantly growing.”

Since styling the hair of her first doll, Lucy has come a long way in styling. Lucy started her career with the goal of finding a job that made her happy. Now, Lucy seeks to inspire others while inspiring herself.

“When people walk out glowing, that feeds my soul,” says Lucy. “My biggest take away is that everyone has a story and we all want to feel put together, understood and appreciated.”

Lucy ‘s newest project is to share her LUCIRing™ with the world. A fashionable solution to stop shear cuts, the LUCIRing™ began as a personal solution to Lucy ‘s own battle with cutting her finger while styling. Having had much interest in her purposeful ring, Lucy decided to make the LUCIRing™ available to all stylists.

Everyday, Lucy try’s to better the world around her and has been a positive contributor to the West End Salon. She believes that people should always embrace growth, be able to tackle their dreams and be a part of something greater than themselves.

“Live your passion, speak your truth, contribute to something greater than yourself. When they tell you it can’t be done, do it twice,” says Lucy.

Learn more about the LUCIRing™ and  Lucy here